Program management encompasses all phases of multi-project construction from pre-planning, budgets and scheduling through design, bid, award, construction and move-in.  TEKCON’S comprehensive program management services can help you keep multiple, interrelated projects on time and within budget without sacrificing quality.  TEKCON serves as the owner’s representative
and advocate, keeping all participants focused on the programs objectives, while achieving the goals of each individual project.  Rather than simply fulfilling a co-ordination role, we actively lead development programs,

taking responsibility for critical elements. We also work closely and diligently with in-house construction and administrative personnel to assure clients in house goals are met.  We provide independent and impartial guidance to our client on matters of budget, schedule, performance and quality.  We find solutions that address your programs needs by providing invaluable hands-on experience to the task of completing projects in the most productive, cost-efficient manner possible.  As program managers, TEKCON provides overarching vision and leadership for the successful completion of the program.